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Based in Shirley, Solihull we offer a friendly, professional and reliable service, covering Solihull and surrounding areas.


Right from the beginning steve made me feel completely comfortable and confident in my abilities. He always reassured, answered any questions i had thoroughly and made sure i understood completely. i loved every lesson, steve always had funny stories to tell and it made learning so much more enjoyable. I...Read More »


Steve is a great driving instructor who i would recommend to anyone learning. He is calm and friendly which made it easy to ask questions, and he tailors each lesson to individual needs, by focusing on improving specific skills. With Steve’s guidance, I passed my driving test first time. Thank...Read More »


I really enjoyed learning to drive and Steve was an amazing instructor. He always made me feel comfortable whilst driving and not afraid to make any mistakes. Furthermore, he was very patient and tailored my lessons around what I found difficult and dauting, helping me be the most prepared to...Read More »


I would recommend Steve without hesitation. From start to finish he was patient, engaging and helpful. He made me feel comfortable on lessons and never under pressure. He’s very easy to talk to and get along with. With Steve’s help I managed to pass first time ! Leah.

...Read More »


“From my first lesson, I felt comfortable whilst in the car with Steve. He was patient in every lesson and always made sure I felt confident with each element of driving. Steve was calm with each of my lessons and gave me constant reassurance. He advised me on booking my...Read More »


I had the best experience learning to drive with Steve, he was calm patient and taught me everything I needed to know to be able to pass my test first time, everything I struggled with he made sure I understood and it was resolved straight away. I couldn’t have had...Read More »


Steve has been an amazing help on my journey to passing my driving test. He explains everything thoroughly and is led by you, the learner, through your lessons to ensure you are as confident as possible. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Steve.

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Steve is a brilliant driving instructor.  He was calm, patient and easy to get along with, which made my learning experience much easier.  Steve was able to explain things in a clear and concise way and helped build my confidence. Steve is a very experienced instructor and family members have also passed with him. I...Read More »


I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone looking to start driving. From my first lesson he helped boost my confidence and he has been amazing at answering any questions I’ve had. Steve made my experience very comfortable and he made sure to spend time on areas where I felt I...Read More »


I Would 100% recommend Steve to anyone looking for an instructor. He made learning to drive a much more comfortable and easier experience. He really helped simplify things such as manoeuvres and overall boosted my confidence massively. Thank you Steve!!

...Read More »


Steve is an amazing down to earth and kind man. He made me feel so comfortable during my lessons and we got along really well. I am so thankful to him for teaching me how to drive  it’s given me the freedom I wanted and I cannot thank him enough....Read More »


Steve is a great instructor, he made me feel comfortable driving from the very first lesson. Not only did he help me boost my confidence while driving but he also made it very enjoyable as well. He is easy to talk to and get on with and answered every question...Read More »


Steve was an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. He is reliable, friendly and very calm. To begin with, I really lacked confidence in myself but over time, with Steve’s support, I began to feel more comfortable and believe that I...Read More »


Steve was a great instructor from the get go! He was patient and explained things clearly and I looked forward to each weeks lesson. He was calm and motivating and I felt my confidence build each week. I was able to pass my driving test first time and wouldn’t have...Read More »


I was really nervous to start driving and thought it would take a long time to learn everything, but steve was a really good teacher, explained things well, used diagrams and would always ask if i had any questions. Really enjoyed my driving experience with him and would definitely recommend...Read More »


I really enjoyed my lessons from Steve, he was patient and supportive. I would look forward to my lessons and he was very reliable. I would definitely recommend
...Read More »


I would highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor. Steve made me feel very relaxed and never doubted my ability, helping to boost my confidence.  He answered any questions that I asked in detail and no question was a stupid question. The lessons were well organised and the manoeuvres were...Read More »


I would definitely recommend Steve as a driving instructor he’s a great instructor. Without him I wouldn’t of been able to drive as well as I do now. He goes through things slowly so you understand what your meant to be doing and if you ever need help on something...Read More »


Learning to drive with Steve was a great experience! As a first time passer I can say that the tuition Steve gave me was to a very professional standard and has not only helped me to pass my test but gain skills for driving in the real world.

Steve was always...Read More »


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Learning to drive with Steve was my best decision! After struggling to pass my driving test on previous occasions, Steve gave me the confidence I needed  to complete my driving test with a positive attitude, and I passed first time with him! He gave me lots of driving and parking...Read More »


Couldn’t fault steve at all! He was very patient with me as i was very nervous when i first started my lessons and he was teaching me at a pace which i felt very comfortable with. Steve helped me pass my test first time and would definitely be recommending him...Read More »


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After having bad experiences with 2 previous driving instructors, I was relieved to find someone as good as Steve. I learnt more with Steve in a few lessons than I did over the last couple of months and would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive.

...Read More »


I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Steve. He was always punctual to my lessons and did all he could to work around my college and work times. Having no knowledge of driving at all when starting with him, he made me feel at ease when teaching...Read More »


I am so glad I had Steve as my driving instructor, he was extremely reliable and turned up to every lesson on time without fail,he also managed to fit me in for lessons around other commitments that I had.I always felt relaxed and comfortable when driving with Steve and he...Read More »


”Steve is a fantastic driving instructor.

Throughout my lessons Steve always remained positive, patient and reassuring.
His detailed explanations and useful constructive feedback, enabled me to pass my driving test first time.
I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better driving instructor!
Thank you for everything Steve!”
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Without Steve I would not have been able to pass my driving test. He was patient and calm and always gave useful and constructive feedback. Steve is very reliable and helped to give me my confidence whilst driving. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

...Read More »


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Learning to drive has been a great experience! I have enjoyed learning how to control a car and the rules of the road. Steve has been brilliant at teaching me and never got annoyed if I did something wrong; instead he calmed the situation and guided me on how to...Read More »


As a whole I really enjoyed learning to drive. At the start I was very unsure and nervous, as I knew nothing about a car. However Steve was great at explaining and made me feel confident and comfortable when driving around. Steve was a great instructor who was always friendly,...Read More »


I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve, he stays calm and puts you at ease and is extremely patient and knowledgeable.  I was impressed with his professionalism and I revised his ‘show me’, ‘tell me’, 2 sided A4 sheet before my test which I found very useful as I didn’t...Read More »


After being previously let down by an old instructor, I was recommended to Steve by a friend, and couldn’t have been happier with his teaching! Steve’s an extremely patient teacher and helped improve my driving massively! Thanks to steve I passed first time and couldn’t be happier! Would definitely recommend!

...Read More »


Learning to drive was a brilliant experience. Steve was patient with me which allowed me to feel confident when driving and to feel more comfortable. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Steve as everything was fully explained so I understood everything in preparation towards my test, which enabled me...Read More »


I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Steve, he was so patient and always made everything very clear and understandable which made me become confident and comfortable with driving. Without his help I would not of been able to pass first time with only 1 driver fault, I...Read More »


Steve made learning to drive a much easier experience than I thought it would be. I was quite a nervous driver to begin with but Steve made sure to explain everything thoroughly and ensured I was completely happy with something before we would move on to the next part. It...Read More »


When I first started to drive I was very worried but Steve was patient and supportive which made learning to drive enjoyable. I soon became confident in my driving and was so pleased to pass my driving test first time with only 2 minors! Thanks again Steve!

...Read More »


Steve has been brilliant to learn to drive with. Steve carefully talked through everything and always checked I understood. He was extremely patient and helped me become more confident with my driving. Thanks for helping me pass!

...Read More »


Steve is a great instructor who provides knowledge and reassurance. He covered everything clearly and in thorough detail. Thanks for your patience and for persevering with me.

...Read More »


Steve made my driving experience so fun and enjoyable, without you I wouldn’t of passed first time!!  Steve is very patient and just an all around great instructor. Steve has helped boost my confidence while driving and always went over anything I was struggling with. Thanks again Steve.

...Read More »


Passing first time was the biggest relief of my life and I couldn’t have done it without an amazing instructor like Steve. For me, learning to drive has been a bit of a rocky road as it probably took me longer than most to get to grips with it and...Read More »


I would probably say driving was the least of my priorities and that I wasn’t very passionate to undertake driving lessons. However, Steve made my driving experience a really enjoyable one and was patient in taking the time to help me settle down my nerves. If I was ever...Read More »


Having already tried and failed to take my driving test on more than one occasion I had lost all confidence in passing before starting my lessons with Steve.

Steve was patient, friendly and really took the time to help me conquer my biggest struggle- manoeuvres! Even when I started to doubt...Read More »


Having had no previous experience driving at all, Steve was quick to build my confidence in the first few lessons and was incredibly patient with me! I always enjoyed the lessons and owe it to him for helping me to pass first time. I’ve already recommended him to others.

...Read More »


Steve was a great driving instructor and i really enjoyed the process of learning to drive. He explained everything in great detail and was patient with me when i needed more guidance. I would highly recommend Steve.

...Read More »


Steve was a great driving instructor, he took his time explaining things to me and made sure I was happy and confident coming upto my test. Would recommend Steve to anyone as he is not the sort who is just after your money unlike other driving company’s I previously used. Couldn’t...Read More »


Steve was amazing, patient and always talked through everything in loads of detail. No question was a silly question, and he really made me feel at ease learning to drive. I would recommend Steve to anyone.

...Read More »


I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to start driving. He is a great instructor who helped me to pass my test first time. Steve is patient and always remains calm even if...Read More »


Steve is an amazing driving instructor and i couldn’t recommend him enough. He made me feel comfortable from the very first lesson and helped me to pass 1st time. He is so patient, professional and cares about all of his students. He adapted each driving lesson to make sure they...Read More »


Driving with Steve really helped me to develop my confidence when driving and made me feel less anxious about making a mistake. He’s always supportive and explains everything thoroughly and helped me to become a better driver with his amazing patience. I cannot recommend anyone more than Steve as he...Read More »


I would recommend Steve to anyone looking to start driving. He is extremely patient and explains things thoroughly. From the beginning he made my lessons enjoyable and was very supportive and helpful. Thank you!

...Read More »


Steve made me feel at ease right from the start, even when things didn’t go to plan during my lessons he was always positive and supportive.  He has a really calm manner and  I would recommend him to anyone. most of my friends use Steve as did my sister’s. Always...Read More »


I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, he made me confident in driving and always explained everything thoroughly. He was very friendly, patient and accommodated my availability. Most of all Steve always made sure I was comfortable and made my lessons very enjoyable. He was an amazing driving instructor...Read More »


I’d recommend Steve to any teenager who is keen to drive! He would keep me calm and collected when driving, always reassuring me throughout the lessons. Any mistake I made would be resolved with talking it through and practising until it was no longer a problem. No question I asked...Read More »


For anyone considering starting driving lessons i couldn’t recommend steve more. He explained everything very clearly and provided a comfortable environment to learn to drive in. Despite being a nervous driver whilst learning Steve always helped me to stay calm and relaxed. Steve helped me to pass first time which has...Read More »


I would highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor, as his lessons are well-informed and made me feel prepared and confident to drive on my own. Steve was a great instructor, as he helped me to not be as nervous whilst driving as he made sure to cater the driving...Read More »


I would highly recommend Steve for driving lessons. He is knowledgeable, calm and very patient! He was always punctual, and he was able to build my confidence the whole way through – even including the test day with a pep talk beforehand  Thanks Steve for helping me to pass my driving...Read More »


I would highly recommend Steve to anyone, Steve was originally recommended to me and I have never looked back, at the age of 29 I previously used other driving schools however they wasn’t up to Steve’s first class standards, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease thanks to...Read More »


I would recommend Steve to anyone. He’s been absolutely amazing and that’s no exaggeration. Accommodating with time slots, patient, understanding and genuine. Steve is full of helpful advice and tips to break down driving, making it as easy to understand as possible. He actively teaches...Read More »


Steve was an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anybody who’s looking to take up driving lessons. He made me feel comfortable when driving and was very patient! He’s easy to talk to and made my driving lesson experience fun and easy. Without Steve’s help and guidance I...Read More »


Steve was a great instructor and I’d be quick to recommend him to anyone. I had no experience of driving when I first started learning with Steve, and every lesson he gave me thorough instructions, made me feel confident and calm and never doubted my abilities. He was...Read More »


I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone, he was the best instructor. He not only made driving fun and enjoyable but has boosted my confidence on the road and answered all my questions without making me feel silly. He was patient...Read More »


Steve is the best instructor. I would recommend him to everyone. He’s very easy to get along with as well as being very patient and helpful. He answered every question I had and he spent time going through everything very...Read More »


I couldn’t fault any part of my driving experience with In-2-gear. Each lesson was well planned out so that I got the opportunity to work on my weaknesses along with learning new driving skills.  Steve was very patient and encouraging...Read More »


Steve is an amazing instructor, he has helped me so much to be confident on the road and has always kept me calm and at ease. He is very understanding, very informative and knows exactly what examiners will be looking for! Steve is also super friendly and will always make...Read More »


I highly recommend Steve for a driving instructor was very easy going and very friendly

...Read More »


I would highly recommend choosing Steve as a driving instructor. He is calm patient and understanding which boosts your confidence and puts you at ease with parts that you may find tricky. I was able to highlight my concerns about certain routes and manoeuvres without any fear of feeling silly,...Read More »


“Steve is an amazing instructor and a genuinely lovely guy. He’s patient, clear with his instructions and puts you at ease. He gave me the confidence and encouragement to reach my goal, in spite of my reluctance! He’s friendly and approachable and made me feel comfortable at all times. I...Read More »


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I had a great experience learning with Steve. I found he was very calm and assuring which really helps when you are learning to drive. I felt that Steve was never holding me back and was very encouraging but would also tell you when you was doing something wrong. Further...Read More »


Before finding Steve my previous  experience with driving lessons with an alternative instructor left me unconfident, worried and feeling pretty hopeless about ever passing my driving test.
However as soon as Steve was recommended to me and I had my first lesson my motivation came straight back and I knew...Read More »


Steve made my learning to drive experience fun and was kind and patient. He made sure I enjoyed every lesson and I learnt everything so fast. I always looked forward for going on a driving lesson every week. I would really recommend Steve as a driving instructor.

...Read More »


Steve has been an amazing driving instructor! He was so patient and had such a positive attitude, that I really enjoyed my lessons with him. His teaching manner is so clear and thorough,that everything he explained to me made sense. This caused me to become really comfortable and confident with...Read More »


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I tried to learn to drive with a previous instructor before a friend recommended Steve to me. The previous instructor I did not enjoy my lessons with and did not push me to my best ability. This was wasting my time so when I was recommended to Steve, I had...Read More »


I had a great time learning to drive. I never believed that I would be saying that I passed my test first time, but with a lesson every week Steve helped me out a lot. I felt more confident every week, going from stalling near enough every lesson to being...Read More »


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I’d tried to learn to drive with several instructors before a friend recommended Steve to me. The previous instructors were either impatient with my speed of learning or weren’t encouraging me enough to push for my test. I felt like they were wasting my time, so when a friend told...Read More »


My learning to drive experience couldn’t have been better. Steve was a great instructor and gave me the confidence to pass. The lessons were flexible and I always got the best out of them, would recommend learning with In 2 Gear, thank you Steve!

...Read More »


I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Steve, he always made me feel comfortable on my driving lessons, I would recommend Steve to anyone. When I wasn’t so confident with driving Steve would always put me at ease to build my confidence up with driving. I would always...Read More »


The lessons I had while learning to drive were all very helpful, after passing first time I know Steve was very helpful. Over the lessons I had my confidence built up every time and were definitely worth it.

...Read More »


Steve turned my “can’t do” attitude into “I can”. He was always very patient, calm and I believe his positivity gave me the confidence I needed to help me pass first time. Lessons were never rushed and he would always relate back to his own driving experiences to give me...Read More »


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I really enjoyed having my lessons with Steve, he is a fantastic driving instructor. Throughout my lessons he always made me feel calm and positive. Steve is very professional and is always very reliable. I passed first time and I knew that without his help I wouldnt have been able...Read More »


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Steve was such a fantastic driving instructor, he gave me a lot of confidence when driving and has lots of patience.

Being a very nervous driver at first Steve helped me calm my nerves, he talks you through everything throughly and makes you feel at ease.

Thanks for everything Steve I couldn’t...Read More »


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Steve was a great instructor! After having 2 previous instructors which didn’t make me feel confident, I am glad that I took the recommendations from my friends to have Steve. He was always there to answer any questions and would always take the time to explain if I didn’t understand...Read More »


Steve is an amazing driving instructor. I started off with such a basic knowledge of driving and operating a car and Steve was so patient with me. He was never late to a lesson and always flexible due to my school commitments and work which was so helpful. I never...Read More »



Learning to drive was a really fun experience, as my lessons were weekly and was something that I really looked forward to! With a great teacher Steve, I passed first time and was over the moon! I loved learning to drive as I was eager to pass and just get...Read More »



Steve was an excellent instructor he taught me everything I needed to know about driving. My first lesson was really scary but Steve gave me a lot of confidence, and when it came round to my test I felt really confident on passing.

Well done Steve, thanks again!

...Read More »


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I found Steve to be a very dependable instructor, as he was always  on time. When starting with Steve, he was quick to get me on behind the wheel so I could start learning instantly. Steve is a very good teacher he will tell you if you made a mistake...Read More »


Learning to drive well where do I start!?!

My experience of learning to drive was probably one of the best experiences of my life! It started off from my first lesson knowing absolutely nothing about driving into knowing everything you possibly need to know about driving, and that was all down...Read More »


Steve is a great instructor, he’s easy to get on with which made my driving experience a lot easier and enjoyable. He was very patient and explained things clearly and made sure I worked on things until I was comfortable with them, which I believe helped me pass first time....Read More »


I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. Steve was always calm and explained everything in great detail and was able to fit in my lessons with times that suited me, I would highly recommend him if you wish to learn to drive.

...Read More »


So happy I passed first time! Thanks Steve for putting up with me on my driving lessons, I couldn’t of done it without you.

...Read More »


Steve has been very patient and fun to learn to drive with, making me grow in confidence, so when I took my test I felt comfortable with my ability to drive, can’t thank him enough for being flexible around college hours exams and work, would definitely recommend him to teach...Read More »


Steve was such a helpful teacher through the whole process for me, always being patient and friendly and giving extra support which my previous instructors hadn’t.
He made sure I was completely prepared for the test, explaining and practising everything in good time beforehand, and offered lots of reassurance whenever...Read More »


Thank you so much Steve.

I couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor, also thank you for being flexible with my driving lessons due to my work commitments.
Steve has great patience and is a genuine person who helped build my confidence on the open road and it was a...Read More »