vol 4 pic 3Learning to drive well where do I start!?!

My experience of learning to drive was probably one of the best experiences of my life! It started off from my first lesson knowing absolutely nothing about driving into knowing everything you possibly need to know about driving, and that was all down to Steve!

Steve was excellent; he always turned up on time for my lessons and he taught me everything perfectly. What I liked most of all was how he taught me in stages and not all at once, he went through everything in lots of detail to make sure you knew what you were doing, he would always help me out if I got confused whilst doing my turn in the road which was good as it was my worst one out of the 3 haha. He also made me keep going over everything I’d learnt on that lesson to make me remember it which I thought was good as I was gaining more experience.

Overall I would highly recommend Steve to teach you to drive! If he got me through it he can get anyone through it haha.