vol 3 pic 25After having lessons a couple of years ago & then starting back with Steve who was a referral from a (relative) I was so glad to find such a nice instructor who had the patience & time to give me & help me through my driving test after 21 lessons. Steve stayed calm at all times even though sometimes he probably wanted to shout at me for doing something really wrong like driving through a crossing!!!! Haha. At first I was really negative about my driving & thinking I was going to fail. Steve made me more positive & got me to believe In myself which gave me a lot more confidence for my test. I was so overwhelmed & happy when I passed first time with only 3 faults!!! Couldn’t believe it.
I Would highly recommend Steve , it’s one of the best things i’ve done! So much more freedom & independence. It’s great .

Thanks again!!

Becki Wilkes